Sunday, 16 November 2008

Of Pets and Levelling

Finally the day of Wrath has come!

After a fairly inauspicious start for us we have finally managed to log and begin our sojourn up to level 80.

It all began when Brennus bought us our normal, and one Collectors Edition. The day before release I decided to venture out of the house and found when I came home a note saying a parcel had been left for us at the post office. I made Brenn go and collect it with me during his lunch break and made him late, I trudged home in the rain with a huge box! Inside amongst all the packets of air was our lovely CE. The outside box really was very excessive for the box inside.

It had long been argued who would get Frosty and I'm pleased to say, I have the nicest boyfriend in the world, he let me have him! (I bribed him the day before with Little Big Planet for his PS3 ^^) Unfortunately the normal copy wasn't delivered on time and he had to wait an extra day to play. But finally we have both got online, coped with his bad lag and trawled up to 71 last night. Now I'm off to play some more, have a lot of catching up to do with most of my guildies. Decided to start off in Howling Fjord as I heard that there was a lot more Alliance Lore there, I'm enjoying the Tuskarr quests at the moment, and I'm determined to get that penguin pet eventually!

I'm currently levelling as full resto, eek, but as far as damage is concerned I haven't been doing too badly at all. I'm starting to invest more points into balance now, I already had points in Genesis and am now working towards a Nature's Splendor build. It's also handy having a feral to help! Here we are, the happy family in Howling Fjord. I feel it looks like a very cheesey greetings card.

Greetings from Northrend! From Brennus, Aedos and Frosty

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