Tuesday, 25 November 2008

How Aedos Got Her Bird Back

Strictly speaking this should have been easy. However I neglected to take into account that Whoopi Goldberg is a much better motivational speaker than Radio One. Hence why after 4 hours I had only progressed half a level and couldn't get a Ting Ting's song out of my head. That's not my name. That's not my name. That's not my name. That's not my name. And now it's in yours too "Get out of that one fatty"

Back to the task in hand. I've been telling myself "It's not a race, It's not a race" However the cruel green eyed monster in me has been eyeing up the new shinies of our level 80 instance goers and has been nagging at me to get myself in gear and start playing more!

So yes, it should have been easy, do some quests, do some instances, you know the drill. But there has been the lure of Death Knights, the gathering of leather, the copy of "Little Big Planet" sitting on our games shelf.

I have been levelling up as full resto, it gets me into instances quicker, the damage isn't too bad, no 7k crits but I can cope with that. I was moonkin for a while but somehow that feathery soul felt like an imposter, a pretender to my healing throne. I didn't look upon it as myself, but merely a tool to get the job done slightly quicker. So it's back to caster form for Aedos. She's much happier this way and so am I.

So this is level 78...and what have I done? Well the first thing was I got my bird back! I had forgotten the simple joy of zooming around, picking up a quest item, then changing back to flight form and flying away from impending doom.

Some of the more interesting things. I met Bambina, with Flora and Thudder, his poor mother was killed and he has sworn to avenge her, I wonder how that will turn out...

I have been a Scourge, a big Blue Lady and an Iron Dwarf.

I have Toured the Fjord, been Bored in Borean and pretty much done every single quest in every area I've been to so far.

I helped Mr. Floppy make his way safely home.

I have been strangely addicted to this weapon...I wonder why....

I have fought a huge pair of legs on a Giants back.

And I have dressed up in some new blue items, and as such I am now looking slightly like a dominatrix.

And now I am half way to 79! Now where did I leave my social life?.....

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