Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Guess What...

I did it (finally!) Last Sunday I managed the Big Ding. And what have I been doing since then? Grinding leather, aaaargh!
Well Aedos and Brennus are in for some upheaval, (I added Brennus to my author list, in case he felt like doing a guest post on Druid tanking at some point, hehe) Well we are possibly moving to another flat this month, and over the Christmas period we will be travelling to Scotland and Romania respectively to visit our families. Confusing, more aaargh!

So basically there isn't going to be much WoW playing, I may spend some time doing a couple of heroics (got my very first 12k heal in heroic UK the other night, go me!) and also levelling Loukya the Rogue to 80, for herbs and such. Can't wait to get her in some new gear since she's been in TK/SSC gear forever! looking stuff...

Aedos is in a Horny Helm of doom right now, working my way up to these lovelies: Earthgiving Legguards and Earthgiving Boots. As far as gear has gone I've only replaced a few items, I've finally levelled Leatherworking, definitely worth it for this: Fur Lining - Spell Power.

Now I'm off for some R&R, and some delicious foodz, no Orca Stew for me today! Some Real Life time sounds good right about now!