Thursday, 27 November 2008

Aedos, Sweeper of Mines

My favourite achievement so far?


I couldn't get out of the darn mine field for about 5 minutes! Worth it to hear the laughs in guild chat though ^^ Oh and Ding, 79!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

How Aedos Got Her Bird Back

Strictly speaking this should have been easy. However I neglected to take into account that Whoopi Goldberg is a much better motivational speaker than Radio One. Hence why after 4 hours I had only progressed half a level and couldn't get a Ting Ting's song out of my head. That's not my name. That's not my name. That's not my name. That's not my name. And now it's in yours too "Get out of that one fatty"

Back to the task in hand. I've been telling myself "It's not a race, It's not a race" However the cruel green eyed monster in me has been eyeing up the new shinies of our level 80 instance goers and has been nagging at me to get myself in gear and start playing more!

So yes, it should have been easy, do some quests, do some instances, you know the drill. But there has been the lure of Death Knights, the gathering of leather, the copy of "Little Big Planet" sitting on our games shelf.

I have been levelling up as full resto, it gets me into instances quicker, the damage isn't too bad, no 7k crits but I can cope with that. I was moonkin for a while but somehow that feathery soul felt like an imposter, a pretender to my healing throne. I didn't look upon it as myself, but merely a tool to get the job done slightly quicker. So it's back to caster form for Aedos. She's much happier this way and so am I.

So this is level 78...and what have I done? Well the first thing was I got my bird back! I had forgotten the simple joy of zooming around, picking up a quest item, then changing back to flight form and flying away from impending doom.

Some of the more interesting things. I met Bambina, with Flora and Thudder, his poor mother was killed and he has sworn to avenge her, I wonder how that will turn out...

I have been a Scourge, a big Blue Lady and an Iron Dwarf.

I have Toured the Fjord, been Bored in Borean and pretty much done every single quest in every area I've been to so far.

I helped Mr. Floppy make his way safely home.

I have been strangely addicted to this weapon...I wonder why....

I have fought a huge pair of legs on a Giants back.

And I have dressed up in some new blue items, and as such I am now looking slightly like a dominatrix.

And now I am half way to 79! Now where did I leave my social life?.....

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Of Pets and Levelling

Finally the day of Wrath has come!

After a fairly inauspicious start for us we have finally managed to log and begin our sojourn up to level 80.

It all began when Brennus bought us our normal, and one Collectors Edition. The day before release I decided to venture out of the house and found when I came home a note saying a parcel had been left for us at the post office. I made Brenn go and collect it with me during his lunch break and made him late, I trudged home in the rain with a huge box! Inside amongst all the packets of air was our lovely CE. The outside box really was very excessive for the box inside.

It had long been argued who would get Frosty and I'm pleased to say, I have the nicest boyfriend in the world, he let me have him! (I bribed him the day before with Little Big Planet for his PS3 ^^) Unfortunately the normal copy wasn't delivered on time and he had to wait an extra day to play. But finally we have both got online, coped with his bad lag and trawled up to 71 last night. Now I'm off to play some more, have a lot of catching up to do with most of my guildies. Decided to start off in Howling Fjord as I heard that there was a lot more Alliance Lore there, I'm enjoying the Tuskarr quests at the moment, and I'm determined to get that penguin pet eventually!

I'm currently levelling as full resto, eek, but as far as damage is concerned I haven't been doing too badly at all. I'm starting to invest more points into balance now, I already had points in Genesis and am now working towards a Nature's Splendor build. It's also handy having a feral to help! Here we are, the happy family in Howling Fjord. I feel it looks like a very cheesey greetings card.

Greetings from Northrend! From Brennus, Aedos and Frosty

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Busy Little Druid

Well it's been a couple of weeks again since my last post. I'm sure it's been a very busy time for all of us! Not helped by the fact my memory needing replaced on the PC and having a very uncomfortable time playing! It's been a time of getting reacquainted with new talents, new spell rotations in raids and soloing, a time for new titles (jealous of Brennus!) and new haircuts.

So far I haven't done any of the new Argent Dawn quests, I haven't downed the new boss in Kara, I haven't been off getting every achievement I can think of (Going Down? with Loukya was a complete accident!) I haven't even been raiding that much. I was trying to decide whether to level my shadow priest who is at 41 at the moment and very fun, or to do something which I had been needing to do for months. The Latter won, and I now proudly present:

Whoohoo! Just in time for the expansion when I wont be able to use it again for ages ^^
It was our last official guild raid last night and as well as getting a chance to spend the last of my DKP on a set of Tier 6 bracers I also didn't need to log 20 minutes early in order to fly very slowly to our destination! To me this is the best achievement I've gotten so far. After starting off in 2005 with my rogue, not doing any end game raiding up until last year, switching raiding mains from a rogue in epics to a Druid raiding end game content in blues and greens, it's been an interesting time!

Never in my WoW playing career did I think I would get to see Archimonde, Illidan and two Sunwell bosses down. So a great big thanks go to Soldiers of Azeroth, especially our Guild and Raid Leader Kay ^^ May the guild have many more fun times to come! Also I never thought I would have two mains who could zoom around at 280% speed!