Thursday, 17 July 2008


I haven't been playing/posting much over the last 2 weeks as I'm packing up and getting ready to move! I'll continue with some new posts once all the craziness has settled down and I get some more play time as well, as for now I'm off to seek the emerald dream!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Fits Like a Glove!

My new Tier 6 gloves that is ^^ During our raid on Friday in Mount Hyjal I was lucky enough to have sufficient DKP to spend half of it on my shiny new Thunderheart Gloves!

This is me being very very happy even though I'm now very very poor and will hope for no new Resto Druid gear to drop tonight in BT.

I spent a few hundred gold to put "The Right" purple gem in them this time

When I gemmed my Tier 5 legs I was so excited by them I quickly threw in a Royal Shadowsong Amethyst instead of a Purified Shadowsong Amethyst. More Spirit ftw. But I managed to find one cheap on the AH so here are my lovely new gloves:

Although I'm not too impressed by the set bonus.

Now if I take off my Robes of Summer Flame I actually look like a Real Druid! (Apart from the roguelike shoulders and chest ^^)

I'm getting there slowly ^^ Can't wait to see what difference there is in my healing tonight!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Aedos goes Rawrglrlglrlglrl

Well she doesn't really, but the hand of fate controlling her does today!

Has there ever been one of those days when everything just seems to get to you? Today is this day for me. I can't find the focus to do anything useful in RL, and in WoW I'm even worse because I keep getting annoyed at people. There was originally going to be a post here about "Alts and the Ego" But having calmed down slightly from the annoyance which generated this rant idea, I've decided not to, I may think out a more rational less ranty post about this when I have a clearer head. There have also been things on our forums to annoy me, I responded to someone in a quite a bitchy manner which isn't like me at all, but I was really riled today by certain assumptions of a couple of male members of our guild, which seems to be that us female players are here to be drooled over. But again, that is another story for another day.

The good news for today:

I finally got the gosh darn PVP trinket, right in time for Mount Hyjal tomorrow night. As our GM said tonight "Hopefully no more splattered tree" With 198 honor left I'm not sure if Aedos will be embarking on a fully fledged PVP career but with PVP being "not as bad as I first thought" I definitely wont write the idea off completely. Now I'm off to work on my WoW charm bracelet!