Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Top 10 Screens 5-1

Well it's been a little longer than anticipated in my posting the last of my favourite screens but here are the rest, and just before patchy fun, nice.

Number 5 - Guild Birthday - On Guild Birthday's it is tradition for the majority of us to go to Goldshire, get drunk, and have a dance. This was from our 2nd birthday back in May, with Loukya in a pretty dress. The guild have become true friends to me over these years and it makes me all fuzzy inside to still be with them all!

Number 4 - Party Like a Troll! - When Aedos had been 70 for a few months, Brennus and I decided to do some exploring of lesser known areas. He's been to present day Hyjal and a few other places, but I wanted to go meet those trolls that are always partying when the gryph flies through Darkshore! So after a lot of fall damage I final got to dance with them all.

Number 3 - Romance is Dead - Well I couldn't put pics up of my favourite screens without including one of my other half Brennus. We do have some nice romantic moments in our time playing together. During a visit to BT for example we even managed to die right beside each other, how sweet ^^

Number 2 - Cosmopaladin - This is a 2 step screen, the first picture is that of our Illustrious guild leader, during a ZA run in January she picked up a stylish new healing helm. After persuading her to show helm, I quickly formed an idea in my head and managed to take this sneaky pic:

Which was then turned into this:

Various members of our guild made it onto those headlines and it provided a lot of laughs on our forums ^^

Number 1 - Picturesque - Definitely one of my favourite pictures. Aedos while she was still young, basking in the sunset of Darkshore. I just loved how the lighting was in this pic and again it shows what a pretty game WoW can be when you stop for a minute just to look.

So there we go, some of my favourite moments captured, before the rush to get to 80, gathering more loot, spending more money, it's definitely been nice to stop and reflect on what I've done so far.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Top 10 Screenshots (10-6) Long Post!

With Wotlk fast approaching, a lot of people are taking stock on what they have been doing up until now. Some are looking forward to the new expansion, new areas, new quests etc, while a lot are also worried about talent changes, the difference there is going to be with their "main class" I've been trying not to read to much about all the new changes and haven't looked at any screens from Wotlk yet, I can't wait to get into Northrend and see it all shiny and new and have fun levelling both my main toons to 80.

I decided it was time to step back from playing for a day to compile a list of my favourite screenshots. These are from both Pre-BC and afterwards. It's really just a way of looking back at fond memories of the game, before I get lost in the new expansion. They're not about shiny gear, inflating my ego, or anything like that, just fun times spent in WoW with friends. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my older ones, but have gone through them all again and selected a few. Here are numbers 10-5. I decided not to make a ridiculously long post, but possibly with my explanations of the screens it will get that way!

Number 10 - WoW Art. An arty looking pic that I took of Loukya when she was doing a quest in BEM, I think I had some funny helm on at the time which made the special effect. I chose this pic because I loved the eeriness of it, and how the people at Blizz do try to make an effort sometimes to do something a little different.

Number 9 - Onyxia! This is the only Raid picture I have of the Pre-TBC raids. I just remember how thrilled I was to be there back in the old 40 man days. She was so scary!

Number 8 - Nommy Fish! Chosen purely for comic value, I just love the way Aedos looks like she's about to take a big bite of that yummy fish in Kara! Letting a kitty eat the masters dinner Moroes? How terribly clumsy of you!

Number 7 - Imp In A Ball How I love my Imp. I was lucky enough to get a loot card in one of my trading card packs and Loukya went and collected her Imp in a Ball. He's come out with quite a few hilarious things over the past 2 years, I simply chose this because I am a rogue, and yes I will sneak up behind you and kill you. I cropped it down a bit to make the writing stand out more.

Number 6 - Do the Dead Pally Dance! Oh Poor Lion, our "chocolate teapot" tank. How we all enjoy revelling in your disastrous, hilarious deaths. We enjoy them so much that it has become Guild tradition to dance merrily upon his corpse. Just a fun screenshot to remember the things that make being with your friends worthwhile!

So there are my first five favourites, the rest will come up tomorrow I think. I know this is an unbearably long post, but it definitely gave me a lot of fun looking through all my old stuff!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

*Is Happy*

An hour of boredom = Two Tiny Crimson Whelps for each of us!
Also more boredom equals one worthless post on Blog, oh well, it's keeping me entertained for a few minutes!

Thursday, 2 October 2008


When two people live together, both avid WoW players and collectors of all things shiny, there is always the temptation to buy the collectors editions of expansions. Technically there really is no point in buying two collectors editions Wotlk. We don't need two artwork books, or two soundtracks, we both collect the trading cards, and since there are two new starter decks, we could share them so we've decided to just get one collectors edition. However the question is...who will get Frosty the Wyrm?!

He is just so darn cute!