Monday, 29 September 2008

Oh What a Night...

Late September down in Mount Hyjal....

Soldiers of Azeroth defeated Archimonde for the first time, and I'm very glad to say I was a part of it :D

I was intending on posting about my recent adventures with my Rogue, but I just had to do this instead, Roguing can come later.

The night started off...badly for me. It seemed to be "Be Mean to the Tree" night, being bullied by a hunter and rogue determined to set my branches on fire *sniffle*

Thankfully some people still were nice to me

After a few wipes at around 30% and myself being silly

To Brennus: "This tear thing when you fall is really easy!"
*splat-dead druid * Oops....

We managed to get him down in 8 minutes, and my word he dies dramatically! I was excited about seeing the loot, but most excited about getting my last 3 badges for new shoulders! Grats again to all my guildies who got nice shiny new helms, especially the two 'Locks!

So since we had an hour and a half left we went for a little jaunt to Sunwell, I picked up my new shoulders on the way and as we cleared through some trash (with no wipes I might add) I got my little paws on some new gloves! *sniff* Goodbye to my only piece of Tier 6 ^^ All gemmed and enchanted they give a lovely 174 +healing, so I'm a very happy Druid all in all.

And since she has been feeling neglected, Loukya asked her Imp In A Ball if she would ever raid again...His response?


Sunday, 28 September 2008

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Well here I am, back again, after an impromptu break for the past week and a half. Real Life's gotta come first over a game but I've missed it. With Wotlk just around the corner I've been re-assessing my goals and the best I can come up with is, learn as much as I can about the changes in my class the expansion will take me, and continue to have fun with the guild in raiding till then. I also seem to have a lot of blog reading to catch up on and I'm trying to make a start on that now! I started back raiding on Friday night with a Mount Hyjal trip and got to /cuddle up against my other half and his creepy new Kodo mount.

I also got a new chest which from the back makes me look slightly nekkid!

I still can't help but be ever so pleased when I continue to get new gear, even with the expansion so soon and I won't get to strut around in it much *sniff* And today, with my hard earned Badges ~I am eventually going to get those gnarly shoulders to replace my Kara ones (at last) With Aedos as my new main and levelling her first I should start off the expansion raiding on a much more even footing with the rest of the raiders, I can't wait till the day where I don't think think "My gear is so bad!" when dieing for the 10th time ^^ For now, blogs call and I must go catch up on the ones I have missed!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Good News, and Bad News

Well again I haven't been playing much...Real Life things catching up with me again, and some major family trouble. I'll be going home to be with my family for at least a week, as we lost my aunt on sunday morning. So that's the bad news.

The good news is that my guild managed to down Illidan last night, which cheered me up slightly and took my mind off things! Hopefully I'll get back to have fun soon.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Home is where the Hearthstone is

Settling into the new home is not fun if you're not buying pretty things to decorate the place! Though we've been trying to save money, there were a few things we just couldn't resist. And now I present a picture of Brennus and I, nice and happy in our new home...

Hee Hee! Brennus couldn't resist the action figure and both of us wanted a little mini tree ^^ Also we have another addition to our little collection...

Home Sweet Home! ^^

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

On coming home to WoW....

Ok, so my first day back into the blogging community has been a rather confusing one. I'm just so darn tempted to write about anything and everything straight away!

I think I'll sum up my feelings of being back playing WoW after a nearly 3 month break.

Well at first I didn't have much to think about WoW, my last raid was in the middle of July to Zul'Aman where I got some new gear, but the joy was shortlived as I had to move shortly after and never got a chance to use any of it. I didn't get a chance to miss WoW because I was so busy packing all my worldly belongings and getting ready for the 350 mile drive to my new home.

I moved in with Brennus, my Feral Druid boyfriend, a big step for both of us, and for the first month in our new home we didn't have net and while he was feeling withdrawal symptoms I was actually quite enjoying the break. However after a few weeks of doing nothing, not working, no net, no blogs! *cries* I got more and more bored! For a while I had thought of not going back to WoW altogether, but when I decided to log on and check my mail etc one night I was treated to many of my guildies welcoming me back, all happy to see me, and it was that which melted my heart and made me decide to come back again (I love you guys!) ^^

Here is the setup for myself and Brennus playing WoW, I get the comfy PC desk (with the pink seat, excuse my girliness) And there is Brennus, raiding Black Temple on the floor, poor Bear. Note the wine glasses, we play better after a drink! Oh, and if Pike sees this picture, note the Linux book on the shelves :P

Be prepared for a mushy moment here!

So here we are in our new home, and while getting ready for our life together enjoying playing WoW together too! Sometimes people can bug me and it's been known for me to take little leafy huffs with some guildies, I really couldn't enjoy this game without them. Yesterday I did some levelling with my priest and a fellow guildy, I compared it to going out with a really good real life friend you haven't seen for ages, so nice to see them again and good to enjoy time together!

So for making me feel welcome after my break (I actually feel missed!) for the progress being made and for more good times to come, I salute you Soldiers of Azeroth!

*big branch hugs*

Wrath of The Lich King - Shared Topic

As I posted the survey I finished for our own Guild I realised Dechion of Be Nameless over on Blog Azeroth had suggested a topic of what we'll be doing on the first few days or so after Wrath of The Lich King hits us. To see how it compares with how it actually goes and what we actually did, I thought it sounded really interesting. I very basically answered a couple of questions on my survey, but I think I'll definitely go into this topic more later, once the raiding is done tonight perhaps!

I'm back!

Well after a long break during moving and not having net, I'm finally back! For a while I enjoyed my break from WoW, but after seeing my guildies progress in Black Temple and of course, their new shiny loot, I was desperate to get back! So here I am, a new home, a new town, no friends as of yet, so I have plenty time to get back into playing!

Tonight there is an adhoc GEM raid for Serpentshrine or The Eye with some guildies, so I've signed myself up to get me used to raiding again on something slightly easier than BT ^^ As I've gotten back onto our Guild forums too I had the chance to do a survey about the new expansion one of our officers has prepared for us. I've decided to post my answers here too, just for posterity's sake, and in case anyone is interested! I give full credit to our Warlock Officer for the questions, but the boring answers are all my own!

After this I need to go out and do some more exploring, but when I come back I'm going to be checking all the blogs I've missed so much when I've been without net, definitely excited about being back again, and discovering what everyone has been up to!
(I've left out some Guild Specific Questions)
SoA Pre Wrath Survey:
General Info.
Character Name(s): Aedos/Loukya.
Will you be getting the Wrath of the Lich King expansion upon or shortly after release?Definitely, will try and get it as soon as possible
What will be you be doing before before Wrath is released?
Raiding with Aedos, trying to make some money with Loukya and possibly levelling my priest some more and generally having fun with you guys!
What will you be doing in Wrath?
Will probably change Aedos to a dreamstate so I can do some solo levelling but also continue to heal any 5-mans, hopefully Brennus can be my killbot and help me.
What class do you think will be your main at L80?
How long do you think it will take for you to reach L80?
Possibly a month
Raiding (If interested)
What role will you want to fill in raids, dps, tank or heal?
Healing, I really love healing now!
Would you prefer to see the main raid progression focusing on 25 man or 10 man raids?
Bring on more fun times Soldiers!