Sunday, 25 January 2009

Recipe...for a masterpiece?

Take one very bored HoT Rogue, add 1 new Wacom drawing tablet, then mix with Gimp. Leave for 30 minutes and then see the results!

Well it's not quite a masterpiece :P But for a first attempt at drawing on a PC it's not too bad. I've always been more of a pencil and paper girl! (And a cookie for anyone who manages to guess which character it is :P)

A work in progress definitely. Once the weeks festivities of visiting relatives is over I'll finish it, then hopefully start on some more interesting pictures, depending on how competent I manage to get, maybe even some colour!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

It's Sunday Night Lag! I mean Live!

Aedos does her very best impression of Haris Pilton to bring you:

Lag from Northrend, it's Sunday Night!

Of course! A good night's raiding hampered by severe lag. Aedos still had fun though, especially dressing up like a socialite. Now to find her a tiny dog...

Anyway, picking up from the guild's earlier saves we started off in the Construct quarter, trash was no problem but boy those boss fights were fun! Insane amount of lag + Druid who hasn't healed for a while equals, baaaad healing. Throw in the fact that I was using Clique for the first time and it was actually hilarious in a soul destroying sort of way.

We gave up on Thaddius as the polarity changes proved too much when dealing with delays of 5 seconds. I'm pleased to say though that I actually managed to get the hang of it this time. I had a notebook in front of me with " + RIGHT - LEFT " emblazoned across a whole page and I must say it did the trick. The only slight problem I have with this fight is choosing whether or not to DPS. We were told by the raid leader to have a couple of healers doing DPS, so I did during the first try, funny thing though, if left to our own devices would we healers sacrifice our big numbers on the healing meters to help DPS? I did to start with, but when I found that others were continuing to heal, I thought "sod this" and did a bit of both.

So we went off to OS to try with 2 drakes, we almost had it but after a few wipes we decided just to finish off with 1 drake. After a very scary Auto run moment where my keyboard and mouse decided to go crazy and allow me to make a fool of myself running around like a headless boomkin toward the boss I felt like I was doing much better, must be the adrenaline pumping after a near pull experience. I blame whoever used this:

I couldn't resist his musk.

Again I was secretly pleased with myself, only 2 deaths due to flame walls or void zones, one of each if I remember correctly (better check the WWS and WoWmeters later before I get too cocky ^^)

The good news, I now feel like I'm back into the swing of things. I was doubting my return to WoW, I've been having fun without it, but now that I'm back I have to admit I've missed it (I've not missed the continual silence whenever I attempt conversation or even say "Hi" in guild chat, but that's a different story...) Raiding again has been fun, if a little stressful due to me being under prepared, but I'm really hoping to start levelling alts and doing heroics with my Rogue.

I also managed to get my paws on enough Emblems of Valor for a new cloak and also from Naxx some Boots of Septic Wounds...eeeewwww!

Another (long) Break

Yes I've been missing again! Christmas and New Year was spent travelling between mine and the bear's parent's so I was left for no time to blog, nor any time to play WoW! But I'm back again (with a slightly new look) and hopefully shall be back to regular posting again soon.

Since I've been back I've healed a couple of raids, not very successfully I might add, either down to lack of practice or my less than adequate gear I hope. But I did survive long enough to help with the kill of Kel'Thuzad, and I got a lovely new mace for my troubles. I'll see how the raiding goes in the next few weeks and then it's time to do more alt levelling ^^