Sunday, 25 January 2009

Recipe...for a masterpiece?

Take one very bored HoT Rogue, add 1 new Wacom drawing tablet, then mix with Gimp. Leave for 30 minutes and then see the results!

Well it's not quite a masterpiece :P But for a first attempt at drawing on a PC it's not too bad. I've always been more of a pencil and paper girl! (And a cookie for anyone who manages to guess which character it is :P)

A work in progress definitely. Once the weeks festivities of visiting relatives is over I'll finish it, then hopefully start on some more interesting pictures, depending on how competent I manage to get, maybe even some colour!


Kayella said...

D'uh, it's clearly your pink haired gnome... ;)

Aedos said...

*giefs cookie* :P